Tuboacero has paid special attention to the Venezuelan oil sector during its 39 year operation because this is the most important economic and productive activity in the country.
Our team has extensive experience in participating in major projects such as oil pipelines, petrochemical and refined products pipelines, refineries, upgraders, and even in the petrochemical industry, both in the technical and logistics areas.
All our products and services fully comply with the American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, as well as with PDVSA standards. In addition, all core processes in our operations are ISO 9000: 2008 certified in terms of quality, thus guaranteeing our compliance with quality standards to the domestic and international oil industry.
Tuboacero has understood how important is to completely support any procurement processes within its areas of expertise. As a result, Tuboacero has developed the ability of supplying all materials to the mechanical and transport areas by always using our local and regional infrastructure in order to provide top quality service.
Some of the most important projects we have participated in are as follows:

  • PPT pipeline
  • VEHOP pipeline: 36″ and 20″ dual pipeline system from Zuata to Jose
  • PARC Project: Cardón Refinery Adaptation
  • Jose Petrochemical Complex: Pier Enlargement
  • Heavy crude oil upgraders: Global procurement of transport facilities
  • Orinoco Oil Belt: More than 2 million feet of casing and tubing.