Historically, Tuboacero has provided a significant support to the construction of new water supply systems, thus playing a valuable role in the Venezuelan hydrological sector.

Tuboacero has also developed a wide knowledge base concerning the application and manipulation of standardized coatings in the Venezuelan hydrological industry in all this time, always in strict compliance with any applicable technical and environmental standards.

We keep in stock a minimum quantity of about 5,000 metric tons based on AWWA (American Water Works Association) standards, thus being always ready for immediate delivery of a significant amount of supplies in different diameters and thicknesses. In addition, we keep in stock valves, flanges and other fittings to meet any and all requirements for water supply lines.

Main hydrological companies currently served:


We are constantly involved in adduction, fluid conveyance and fire protection equipment projects for institutional, commercial and industrial works.  Some of the most important projects we have participated in, both in Venezuela and Colombia, are as follows:

  • Margarita Island Water Supply System, State of Nueva Esparta.
  • Tocoma Hydroelectric Power Plant, State of Bolívar.
  • Tuy IV Metropolitan Water Supply System, State of Miranda
  • Tule – Maracaibo Adduction System, State of Zulia
  • Taguaza System, State of Miranda
  • “Regional del Centro” Water Supply System, State of Carabobo
  • “Falconiano” System, State of Falcón
  • Bogotá Water Supply System, Colombia