Total reserves of gas in Venezuela exceed 420 BPC (billion cubic feet) and are located along the coast over more than 500 thousand square kilometers inland the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Huge gas development projects are at an initial stage, and some regional gas projects are already in full production.
Over the years, Tuboacero has increasingly focused on all gas activities offshore and all gas transport facilities onshore, always giving a high quality response to any major requirements in this area.

Our personnel is highly qualified to give advice on and implement any gas-related technical specifications used in Venezuela and worldwide, such as API (American Petroleum Institute) standards for PSL1 and PSL2 specifications.
Tuboacero has taken part in supplying pipes and any materials related with the construction of more than 3,000 kilometers of gas pipelines and projects, among which:

  • Anaco – Puerto Ordaz Gas Pipeline
  • Nurgas Gas Pipeline
  • Jusepín– “Criogénico” Gas Pipeline
  • Gas Pipeline feeding “La Cabrera” Thermoelectrical Plant
  • Lana, ASAP, Naricual, Zuata, Osanco, and ACCRO Projects