The Quality Of The Policy Of This Firm:
We compromised to supply our product and offer a service that give our customers plenitude to be satisfied on hem or her need of our client, we improvement constant our system under the supervisión of our employee on the administration the quality efficient, base on a good communication indeed. With our  staff well training and motivate to the need of our client also to the enterprise TUBOACERO.

Overvall View:
To consolidate our position leader in VENEZUELA on the distribution of the tube or pipes, accessory or extra, amongst other things of steel, to obtain the plenitude salfsatisfied of our client. By means of our product and services of excellent quality on our consultant technical office with the staff well training to help you to give the best of our enterprise TUBOACERO C.A. also to give your the best opportunity to growing, increasing, rising. Your purchasing power.

Quality Certification:

The TUBOACERO C.A guarantee all there product with quality certification to there customer, also accompanied, issue a dispatch material with the quality certification.

Quality Of The Objective:

1.- Better quality in the service to of the client, customer

2.- To evaluate (the assess) the efficiency of the process of the system management of the quality.

3.- Optimist on the humanresort (employyer)

On this form with have take a commitment on the quality, and with pretended to maintain the leadership of the market that with possessed, with have commitment on continue to grow an improvement in this tremendous process of changing that experiment our contry.

It is TUBOACERO the only company in the wholesale (steel pipe) in VENEZUELA and with the certificate that determinant the improvenment on our administration management quality. 


Ninth Year of Certification ISO 9001:2008

For twelfth years in a row with have bin evaluation by Fondonorma Orgnization of System Under the Rule of ISO 9001.

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